I Have Seen The Enemy And It Is Us

Maybe it’s time that we stopped looking to others to save us. “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Cassius to Brutus in Julius Caesar. Perhaps it’s time to stop  drawing our swords to cut our political leaders, our theological confessors and our cultural heroes to pieces over what their human failings are, and start accepting that their weaknesses are only a foggy mirror reflecting our own foibles. We have lived by the sword taking from the world whatever our power and economic authority had to give us, but we want to die snug and warm and safe in our own beds, righteously, innocently and somewhat smugly. Maybe we have to do a bit of owning up to our responsibilities in this comic tragedy called life in the 21st century?

The modern electronic revolution has afforded us the luxury of becoming spectators, not players. We have become critical, yet also passive observers in politics, social activism and spiritual ascension. Let the guys on television do the heavy lifting for us in our evolutionary journey. They’re making the big bucks. We’ll sit back and watch and wait for them to stumble then pounce like feasting hyenas. (If you haven’t noticed, hyenas aren’t the prettiest of beasts in our glorious earthly family.)

So the message here might be that we’re in the game and in case you haven’t been following the scoreboard, our side is down and needs your help. (That’s the human side I’m talking about. It’s your kindred mates, whether they’re a dot com billionaire, an African mother toiling in the fields , or an innocent child waiting by a doorway for a parent that may not be returning.)  Maybe it’s time for all of us, as adults, to start thinking about what we can contribute, as opposed to what we can take. Showing up is an important first step. The human circus is coming to your town whether you like it or not. Remember one thing above all others− this time we’ve all been given, this planet, this opportunity, this life, no matter what your beliefs, is always still a gift to us.

Like the Carnival Barker keeps shouting to the expectant crowd, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

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