About Jeffrey Arnold

I’ve been told that I’ve never been one for comfort zones – maybe that’s why I’ve always pressed to get people out of theirs. My method of choice is humour, so I like to think of my approach as nudging rather than shoving people to look at the world differently.

Over the years I’ve come to realize how, in one sense, we are separate in this world, alone in our own unique way of processing information. You and I can both be looking at the same mountain, but we’ll each see it differently. Trying to communicate this verbally is often difficult. William F. Burrows said, “Language is a virus.” But the written word is different. This might ultimately come down to the simple fact that it’s printed on a page, and this transforms the language into something real we can reach out and touch and revisit, like a favourite place or person. Maybe this is why I write? It’s a more permanent way of reaching out to others.

So, like other writers I guess what I’m saying is, I’d like to share my view of the mountain. Sometimes this may be an amusing viewpoint, other times an unsettling one. I’ve been doing that off and on for a lot of years – on radio, in newspapers and in speeches at seminars and workshops. More recently I have completed a novel, “Nobody’s Laughing”. That’s upping the ante of the conversation a tad – and the introduction of this website is a new phase of that reaching out as well. The world seems to be digging itself into a bit of trouble of late and every unifying voice is increasingly important. Let’s see if we can share a part of our journey and learn bits and pieces from each other along the way. (I promise that for every tear, I’ll try to deliver a smile as well.)

So what’s this other picture of me, the more formal, button-down guy?     I’ve been a consultant to organizations internationally, as well as a director of both private and public companies involved in a variety of fields including resources, technology, media and financial services. I am currently a senior partner at Avanti Growth Management, a private equity investment and consulting firm. Although these two aspects of my life may seem very different to some people, they are simply different sides of the same story to me, an evolving story – a human story.


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