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The Free Lunch

  I think the time of The Free Lunch is over. (And by the way, it was never free.) Someone else, far away from our table was picking up the tab. Whether it’s a kid in some third world sweat

Everything’s Simple, It’s Just Not Easy

Throughout our lives we are presented with many opportunities and many hardships. Somewhere after about seven years old most of us begin a lifelong process of introducing complexity to the way we see things. I think this is mistakenly referred

Me and Elvis Presley

When I was eight years old I used to help my old man, kind of like Daddy’s Little Helper, only a bit darker and more twisted. My Dad was an alcoholic. He affectionately called this his, “bottled up bottle illness.”

Monkey See, Monkey Do

An acquaintance of mine is a world renowned expert on monkeys. He told me a story about an experiment dealing with recognition and relationships in monkeys that I found hilarious, until I thought of how I would feel if it

The Three Wise Men

I was a thirteen year old kid in 1963. I was raised out in the country in North Western Ontario, Canada.  A neighbour used to quip that, “We lived so far out in the country we had to drive toward

The Killing Fields

The Connecticut school shooting stopped me in my tracks, stopped us all, twenty-seven dead, twenty of them little innocent children.  Where do we go from here? Heaven or hell just got closer to us today. Take your pick.  Soon the


I was young in a time and place that, looking back, seems far away. In the next few paragraphs you will think of it as a harsher place and time, but it wasn’t. It was just different.  We were living

Living Outside The Box

I have a theory that could help you see things a bit more clearly. Unless you’ve been in a coma since 1958 you may have         noticed something different going on out there on your planet, in your country, in your

Saving Us From Ourselves

There is a modern day sociological movement of sorts making the rounds for the past decade or so. We see it on popular television shows, on bookstore shelves prominently displayed in the “Self Help” sections. The general theme of this

I Have Seen The Enemy And It Is Us

Maybe it’s time that we stopped looking to others to save us. “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Cassius to Brutus in Julius Caesar. Perhaps it’s time to stop  drawing

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