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Why Prince William And Kate Won’t Chat With Me

 KING GEORGE VI & QUEEN ELIZABETH AND MY FATHER OR WHY PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE WON’T CHAT WITH ME   I won’t ever meet Will and Kate privately, just the three of us bumping into each other on an outing.

Michael Jackson Was Here

Six Degrees of Separation is a relatively recent darling of the popular culture. The fundamental thinking here is trying to make some connection between all of us, past and present. You are breathing the same air that Christ breathed (Wow),

Like a Rolling Stone

At one time, not too terribly long ago, travel was pretty much reserved for the rich. Anyone else was in steerage, below decks, below water lines, below everything remotely pleasant. These poor souls were escaping the realities of nothing, and

Out Of Africa

Four friends and I recently went to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. “Impossible Safari” is one of several translations for the mountain’s name. It is said that this is what a local chief told Hans Meyer, the first European to

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