Nobody’s Laughing – A Novel

A raucous journey into the life and mind of Richard Bonhom. He is a post modern portrait of success despite his failed marriage, delinquent drug addicted daughter and looming financial scandal at work.

The story takes place in a one week period preceding Bonhom’s fiftieth birthday. A growing discomfort at facing this turning point in his life, and the urgent need to make things right, are the driving forces motivating his desperate search for some form of salvation. These issues force him to dig deep, hold on, and take stock.

This serious, but often hilarious, search for meaning and purpose to Richard’s world takes the reader along an almost satirical path filled with interesting and often outrageous characters. The setting is Vancouver, Canada. The time is now.

When we look out at the world around us, and within us, through the eyes of Richard Bonhom, we inevitably see ourselves, and more importantly, what truly matters in our lives.

Read an excerpt from the book.

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